Res Extensa is a work based on the superposition and juxtaposition of different layers of sound “registers”.  These registers are layers of sound materials diversely related to our everyday sound environment and coming from different origins: marginal sounds from electric devices, analogue sources, field recordings, amplification of microsounds, recordings of machine noises, digital “errors” and “distant” musics.

Within our sound environment a great variety of matters, articulations and nuances, including the aural experience of “recorded sound”, nurture our feeling and understanding of the world, constitute our “perceptive skin”. The sounds that form Res Extensa act like extracts of this vibrational experience, our shared surface of perception, feeling and thought. These sounds do not carry a traditionally codified expressive meaning, but an affective and tactile charge related to what we are exposed to, an emotional register linked to our everyday experience.

The basis of the piece is to operate on these matters, unfold, friction and break them up to build a sensitive whole and reach a point in which they are not linked to their habitual schemes but are rather exposed in their affective characters and our connection to them.

Res Extensa was awarded the Gaudeamus prize in 2006

It has been edited in stereo format by Sedimental Records

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