"Tactility, Traces and Codes: Reassessing timbre in electronic media” 
in Organised Sound, Cambridge University Press 2013

“Acerca de la relación con el entorno”

Chapter within the book “Creación experimental contemporánea en la Argentina”, edited by uncommonsounds edited by Xabi Erkizia and Ilios

"Thinking Sound Through the Notion of the Time-Image. Deleuze´s Cinema Studies as a Model for Problematising Sound in Artistic Practice”
Chapter in “The Dark Precursor - Deleuze and Artistic Research” edited by P. de Assis, P. Giudici - Leuven University PressTexts_files/GPaiuk_Deleuze%20and%20Artistic%20Research%20Article.pdf
“Imagination, Perceptual Engagement, and Sound Mediation
Thinking Technologically-Produced Sound Through Simondon’s Concept of the Image”

Published in Kunstlicht Tijdschrift, issue Vol. 38, 2017, 4 - ‘Mediated Imaginations: Technologies Touching Upon Art.’ Ed. by Bas de Boer, Sam Edens and Jonne Hoek Texts_files/GPaiuk_Imagination%20Perceptual%20Engagament%20Sound%20Mediation%20%28through%20Simondon%29%20-%20Scanned%20%28grayscale%29.pdf
Fotografía: Nacho Iasparrahttp://www.nachoiasparra.com.ar/
“Imagen Sonora y Umbrales de Individuación”
https://2018.reflexionesmarginales.com/imagen-sonora-y-umbrales-de-individuacion/ - 

Volume dedicated to the work of Gilbert Simondon, edited by Pablo Rodriguez (in spanish)https://2018.reflexionesmarginales.com/imagen-sonora-y-umbrales-de-individuacion/