Fotografía: Nacho Iasparra


The Construction of an Imaginary Acoustic Space (2018)

for ensemble, soundtrack and tape player

Commissioned by the Österreichisches ensemble für neue musik

Distance / Fiction (2018)

Sound Installation

Nov.2018-Jan.2019 ACPA Exhibition Space - Leiden

Oscilación (2017)

for Theorbo and 5-channel soundtrack

written for Hernan Vives / Commissioned by Ciclo de Conciertos de Música Contemporánea - CTBA

Focus (2017)

Sound Installation

Commissioned by November Music Festival 2017

Inscription (2015)

String Quartet and Soundtrack on 4 loudspeakers on stage

Commissioned by NeoQuartet, Premiered in Gdansk, NeoArte Spectrum Festival, October 2015

Greifen (2015)

Violin and multiple loudspeaker system/multiple media instances

Written for Ekkehard Windrich / Premiere at Sonic Acts Festival 2015, Amsterdam

A study in focus (2015)

Sound Installation

First realisation at Gallery w139, Amsterdam, 2015

Disyunción (2013-in progress) - 10’ for solo violoncello

Commissioned by Fundación Musica AntiquaNova for Francesco Dillon

Recorded Space (2013) - 11’ for Fl, 2vln, Dbass, Harpsichord and soundtrack on 6 loudspeakers

Commissioned by November Music Festival for Ensemble 306

Registers of listening (2012) - 20’ for Hn, Gtr, Harp, Piano, 3 casette players and 8 loudspeakers

Commissioned by Rank Ensemble

Sound questions (2012) - 5’

electronic soundtrack, 4 channels

Premiered at November Music 2012

3 short pieces for Reinaldo Laddaga’s audio book project: “Things that a mutant needs to know. 1. More short and amazing tales" (2012) - Unsounds Records

Adjacent sound (Biffures)    (2012) - 18’

for ensemble and soundtrack on 6 loudspeakers

For Modelo62 ensemble

Affectio (2012) - 15’ 

electronic soundtrack, 8 channels

Premiered at November Music 2012

Grados (2011) - for piano and 6 channel soundtrack

El Mismo (2011) 6’ - for piano and stereo soundtrack

De los ojos abiertos (2011) 9’ - for viola and variable channel soundtrack

Written for Alexander Bruck Santos

Hablar no es ver (2009) 15' – for four  percussionists and soundtrack

Comissioned by Slagwerk Den Haag

Fragmento / Creencia (2008) 7' - electronic

Composed for the and/OAR label for the Michelangelo Antonioni Hommage project

Distancia (efectos de superficie) (2008) 10’ – for vln, cl, perc, piano and beat-boxer

Commissioned by the Warsaw Autumn 2008 festival

Situación (2007/rev. 2016) 11’ – for clarinet, violín, violoncello and piano

Commissioned by the Ciclo de Música Contemporánea 2007 del Teatro San Martín de Buenos Aires

Dislabia o tierra (2007) 18’ – for large ensemble and soundtrack

Commissioned by the Gaudeamus Foundation - Premiered by the ASKO ensemble on september 2007 at the Gaudeamus Festival, Amsterdam.

Resquicios/Casa (2006) 12' – for double bass solo

for Facundo Ordoñez - Premier of preliminary version on December 2006 at Espacio Ecléctico, Buenos Aires

Los Anhelos (2006) 10' – for piano and ensemble

Premiered december in 2006 at the Centro Nacional de la Musica by Ensemble Sonorama, conducted by Eduardo Moguillansky

Res Extensa (2005) 40' – electronic – stereo piece and 6 channel sound installation versions


Cuando ya no importe (2005) 16' – for three clarinets

Premiered at the Ciclo Nuevas Músicas at the Palais de Glace in Buenos Aires by Federico Landaburu, Ivan Barenboim and David Lerithier

Abrir los ojos es romperse por el centro (2005) (ad hoc project) 15' –  for ensemble and electronics

Rompes contra el suelo (2004) 11' - Fl, Ob, Cl, Vln, Vcl, Cb, Perc and soundtrack

Premierd by Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin on september de 2004 at the Podewil, Berlin.

Que ocupa un rectángulo de agua quemada (2004-2006) 15' - Cl and 4 channel soundtrack.

Premiered by Federico Landaburu at the Centro Cultural de España en Buenos Aires

Esa extraña fruta (2003) 13' - Cl, Tbn, Vln, Cb, Perc, Piano and soundtrack

Written and premiered within the “Instantaneas” residence project at the CETC in 2003

Como los pasos (2002) 8’ - electronic

Son tus huellas (2002) 10’ - vln

Otilinas (2000) 35’ - voice, cl, sax, cb, gtr, perc, pno

For improvising ensemble, premiered at Experimenta 2000 festival in Buenos Aires

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