Fotografía: Ian Kornfeld

Since 2005 my work has involved the use of electric and electronic technology coupled to the use of conventional musical instruments. The aim has not been to use technology as an extension of timbral possibilities, but operate on the  modes sound technology is embedded in our everyday. Working further in this field has led me to questions on how we listen, what do we experience as an imaginary realm or how sound affect us. How do the tools that we use are inherent in the way we perceive and grasp sound around us, how the conditions inherent in sound media are part of the ways we engage with sound.

My sound installation work is one of the fundamental axes of my work, as it is aimed to construct spaces that can be traversed inviting for a singular exploration of the sensitive experience of sound. Since Res Extensa (2005) up to A Study in Focus (2015), these works deal with...

Works like Affectio, , Registers of Listening, Adjacent Sound (Biffures), El Mismo.  was a seminal work for me, in which I started to work with the sensitive role of electronic technology, memory, the affective …

draw the listener into the way these technologies. Works like Affectio are part of the same thread.

In my works with instruments I aim to put the instrument on the same perspective as electronic technology, it is an instance of a history of sound production, it bears memories, it is a compound of actions articulated in their mechanism. Works like El Mismo and Adjacent Sound contrapose Instruments to…

In 2016, as well as being part of the faculty staff at the Institute of Sonology in The Hague (The Netherlands), I started pursuing a PhD in the field of Artistic Research, under the supervision of Peter Ablinger, Julia Kursell, Marcel Cobussen and Frans de Ruiter. When understanding how what we listen is inhabited by conditions we have put to work, I hope we become able to understand how there are no given truths and how we embody diverse modes of standing towards reality. If you want to know more about my specific PhD project and research you can check this out here.

There´s also a series of links regarding my academic and teaching activities in recent years, as well as publications.

Recordings as well as… can be found here.

For more detailed and formal information about what I have done, you can access my CV page.

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