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8-channel electronic soundtrack

Affectio deals with the way we incorporate the codes arising in our interaction with media to make sense of our surroundings: the way the particular conditions of media constitute our listening habits.

Taking as a primary source a series of field recordings carried out at 3 locations with a diverse range of recording technologies, it juxtaposes and superimposes the outcomes of these processes in a way that emphasizes the material, affective and spatial imprints of the procedures used.

These original materials bear the marks of the spaces where they were recorded, as well as those of the technologies used (from old casette recorders to state-of-the-art devices and diverse microphone techniques). These materials are juxtaposed and organized in a way that enhances the ambiguity between what is perceived as a represented space and as the qualities of a particular medium, in a play of memories with the registers of reproduced sound latent in our aural culture.

The work is originally designed for a surround 8 channel system, which allows for the further rendering of diverse, contrasting spatialities in the way the sonorous field is constituted. The purpose of the stereo version, although lacking these aspects, is to convery some aspects of this work through a widely accesible medium.

Stereo version linkhttp://soundcloud.com/gabrielpaiuk/gpaiuk-affectio-2012